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September 8, 2014 – Trading Tips & Trends – Currency Pairs News

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Last week the EUR/USD pair rapidly decreased and dipped to a new one-year low. As the pair declined it touched 1.2920 due to surprising actions from the European Central Bank. As has previously been discussed, many analysts expected Mario Draghi to increase monetary stimulus to prevent low inflation and spur economic growth. Nobody, however, expected the ECB to cut the already very low interest rates. The pair then ranged low before the U.S. labor data was released, which came out worse-than-expected. The price remained below 1.3000. On Thursday pay attention to the ECB Monthly Bulletin and on Friday to the U.S. Retail Sales data.

Last week the GBP/USD erased more than 300 pips when it decreased from 1.6630 to 1.6280. The British pound was influenced by not only the European Central Bank’s decision but even more so by fears regarding the upcoming referendum. On September 18th it will be decided if Scotland will get its independency. For the first time in modern history, it seems very likely that they might split from the U.K. On the back of these speculations, the GBP/USD will continue to fall. Now the pair is traded at 1.6180. This week there will be some important releases (e.g. the U.K Manufacturing Production on Tuesday and Inflation hearing on Wednesday) but the pair will be under pressure even if the data comes out above expectation.

The price of gold started last week at $1,287.5/ounce and then fell to $1,257/ounce. The yellow metal lost the safe-haven demand as Russia and Ukraine agreed on a ceasefire. This, coupled with a better outlook of the U.S. economy, caused the price to immediately decline. However, on Friday the price slightly recovered after the U.S. Nonfarm payrolls showed very disappointing numbers. This week keep an eye on geopolitical tension and to the U.S. Retail Sales release.

September 1st 2014 – Weekly Options Currency News

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After seven weeks of depreciation, the EUR/USD pair continued to fall last week to 1.3120. The main movement occurred on Friday when the pair reacted to positive U.S. data and a declining situation in Russia. After the E.U. threatened Russia with additional sanctions, the value of the Euro immediately declined. The pair has also fallen under pressure with speculation that the European Central Bank will increase monetary stimulus to prevent economic stagnation. The ECB meeting on Thursday will provide more information on the future of the Euro. Additionally, with U.S. labor data released this week, traders expect to see the U.S. dollar in a state of volatility. The Nonfarm Payroll data will be watched far and wide as the Fed may increase the interest rates once the labor data is solid.

Last week the GBP/USD pair moved sideways between 1.6535 and 1.6615. The pair stopped the previously bearish movement that had pushed them to a five month low. The value of the British Pound slightly increased as the inflation data and economic confidence showed results that exceeded expectations. This week, traders should pay attention to the U.K. Manufacturing PMI (Monday), Construction PMI (Tuesday), Services PMI (Wednesday) and interest rate release (Thursday). The U.S. dollar will be influenced by upcoming Nonfarm Payroll data which will be released on Friday.

The price of gold started last week at $1,290/ounce and by Thursday had increased to $1,297/ounce. The price of the safe-haven asset increased as fighting in Ukraine renewed. Germany and France threatened Russia by increasing sanctions. On Saturday, the EU leaders agreed to increase the sanctions, which should be implemented within a week. This week, traders should pay close attention to the situation in Ukraine as well as the economic data from the U.S. It is known that the Nonfarm Payroll data is scheduled for this Friday. This data tends to bring a lot of volatility to gold, and therefore offers great opportunities for binary options trades.

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